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February 22

Calendar-setting Get-together




We'll set the Kenyon Social calendar over soup and wine.

Sunday 5 - 7 PM
RSVP:  Victoria


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April 18

Progressive Dinner


See pics!

6:00 p.m. appetizer - Toni's at 96
7:15 p.m. dinner - Victoria's at 70
8:30 p.m. dessert - Sue & Mik's 
                              at 41

Bring an entrée to serve 8. 
RSVP to Victoria by April 15  


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April 25

Garden Walks


Bring your coffee - meet on my porch.

Usually starts at Carolyn's on Sat.


Garden Walks Page
Tree Care Advice  

Picture of spring flowers bordering the driveway


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June 26 

Buying at the West End Farmer's Market

Take a walk down to 
the Avenue - we're doing some shopping!

4:00 PM - Meet on Victoria's porch.

see pics!


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